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Our technical and innovative approach allows us to always align with the most modern design methodologies.

For us at Rodigas, service is always the rst and most important product we o er to our customers. That is why we are concerned about o ering highly professional solutions for technical studies and designers who are more responsive to new technology solutions. This is a brilliant example of our Building Information Modeling Libraries (BIM), available to all professionals who want to include Rodigas products for conditioning, photovoltaics and fall protection in their projects.


Visit our page on bringing BIM dedicated to Architects and Engineers.


SINT Ingegneria Srl, engineering company specializing in plant engineering M.E.P. (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing)

Organizes training courses for all professionals

Training is a fundamental tool for acquiring more knowledge and skills that can be easily spent in an environment characterized by substantial and continuous changes. 


- Bim models available online of our mounting structures for photovoltaic systems 

- It designs with Bim blocks of UNI 14122 parapets and fall protection systems

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