For 65 years, production has been the true soul of our company and continues to characterize our work.

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Our engineers design the molds for sheet metal deformation which are made in the 'attrezzeria' department, where the steel is shaped to create modern high production moulds. Our molding lines mark our days with a rhythm of over 30 beats per minute and our packaging lines prepare over 10,000 items a day for sale.


Our modern production plants in Italy are the mirror of the industrial revolution 4.0 where all processes are monitored to ensure production efficiency and product quality.

A history of farsighted choices that we never tire of telling.

The history of Rodigas born 60 years ago in a small provincial town, Padua, to reach the world. A company that over time has grown by combining continuous technological innovation and flexibility, adapting each time to the needs of the market and, more generally, of society.


The various production conversions implemented over the decades have allowed it to transform from an innovative local reality to a strong global presence, able to compete in air conditioning plant engineering sectors, solar panneling, and fall protection systems in over 40 countries worldwide.

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