RODIGAS S.r.l, considers it essential to adopt "quality and its improvement" as priority and strategic elements for the management of its business. Also, it considers the environment and sustainable development to be strategic factors in the exercise and development of its activities and decisive elements for consolidating its leadership in the market in which it operates. The quality and environmental management system of RODIGAS S.r.l. takes into account:

  • customer satisfaction;
  • employee satisfaction;
  • the satisfaction of the external company;
  • respect for the internal and external environment of the company;
  • the continuous improvement of environmental management services;
  • the satisfaction of the members and/or owners.


Guiding Principles

RODIGAS S.r.l. bases its Company policy on the following Guiding Principles:

  • Customer satisfaction resulting from optimized processes aimed at providing high quality products and/or services, allowing for a transparent and lasting relationship;
  • Training and updating of personnel in such a way as to guarantee interchangeability and autonomy, with particular attention to:
  • knowledge of the functionality of the product;
  • training on new technologies applied in the company;
  • dissemination of the concepts related to the organization of the Company;
  • constant updating regarding technical and legislative innovations.
  • Constant attention to new technologies aimed at guaranteeing the Customer both the validity of the product/service and on the timeliness of delivery;
  • the need to intercept and resolve in a timely manner the Non-Conformities, as well as to analyze and use them as a stimulus for improvement;
  • importance of using qualified, reliable, timely suppliers so that they become a partner-like entity for the Company;
  • protect the environment;
  • improve and promote the environmental characteristics of products and services;
  • compliance with implicit requirements such as laws and regulations; attention to work safety and respect for the environment;
  • satisfaction of members and/or owners as a result of a company that combines quality, safety, environmental impact to the beneficial and profitability of investments;
  • create value for the company.



RODIGAS S.r.l. communicates its policy to all company personnel through training activities and direct involvement in the application of procedures and instructions regarding company procedures.



RODIGAS S.r.l. identifies measurable goals that allow for the evaluation of the achievement of the objectives:

  • operate in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standards;
  • keep all processes under control;
  • promote preventative actions;
  • maintain an adequate level of staff education and training;
  • constantly update the system;
  • constantly involve staff;
  • to involve its supplier pool;
  • consolidate every adopted improvement solution and verify customer satisfaction;
  • application to the entire organization of internationally recognized environmental management systems;
  • efficient use of energy, water and raw materials;
  • optimal waste and liquid waste management;
  • education and awareness training of employees on environmental issues;
  • minimizing the environmental impact resulting from the conduct of production activities;
  • pursuing objectives of energy saving and commitment to the prevention and minimization of all forms of pollution produced and waste;
  • continuously improve environmental management performance.