PB 300 - Embedding box in plastic PB300

PB 300 - Embedding box in plastic

PB 300

The embedding box is the first embedded box with “pouch” studied specifically for air conditioning employment.
Thanks to the patented solutions, it is the only box that doesn’t need cross girders as reinforcement to avoid any deformation; the cover is in fact equipped with very strong small plates used for fixing of the template of the conditioner.
The material of this box allows to support any effort caused by the installation works and the pouch also excludes the necessity of substitution even in case of damage.
The optional cover from outdoor CP300 is an unique body with the box and, for this reason, it makes unnecessary the application of an external systems of alignment (as required in other types of boxes); beside it protects the inside part of box during the building works. The box was introduced in the market on 1996, it had further implementations that allow a large diffusion and the constant success.


Materials and Treatment

Case length:  540 mm

Case height: 130 mm

Case width: 65 m

Opening dimensions: 525 x 80 mm

Material supplied: Finishing top cover Avai

Available accessories: CP 300 Plastic yard cap, Box with 5 pcs 


Pack: carton box

Pieces: 15

Case dimensions: 570x360x430 mm

Case weight: 12.5 kg


Pallet dimensions: 120x80x235 cm

Couples per pallet: 300

Pallet total weight: 250 kg


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Key Features

pb 300features3


1. Internal space

Completely usable internal space thanks to the absence of stiffening bridges placed instead externally

2. Levelling system

Optional levelling system

3. Suitable predrilled holes/h4>

Predrilled holes positioned to allow the universal use

4. 4a/4b. Discharge on two sides

Tub housed inside the box with inspectable hoses